Types of Projects Managed by Caravel

Types of Projects Managed by Caravel

Projects vary in terms of size and complexity. Some need to be managed on a stand-alone basis, others as part of a bigger programme. All, however need some form of project governance and management oversight and practice if they are to be delivered successfully into production or operation. The types of projects managed by Caravel typically include technology, process or organisational change components.

Caravel performs a wide range of project and consulting assignments where we manage many types of projects. Our clients include government agencies and private enterprise organisations.

The following list gives some indication of projects that Caravel manages or provides services for. Many of our projects include several of the elements shown below.

If you have a technology or business project that isn’t mentioned below, please contact us because we may be able to help.

Types of Projects

Business Improvement / Strategic Planning

  • Strategy development
  • Investment Logic Mapping (ILM)
  • Business case development and review
  • Process analysis and improvement
  • Organisational & cultural change
  • Procurement
  • Sales, mergers & acquisitions

Quality Assurance

  • Independent Quality Assurance
  • Post Implementation Review
  • Quality management planning
  • Procurement process oversight
  • Due diligence
  • Process reviews

Capability Improvement

  • Coaching & mentoring
  • Project Management Office
  • Maturity assessments
  • Project management & governance training
  • Organisational maturity assessment and improvement

Operational Asset Improvement / Change

  • Telecommunications network implementation
  • Call centres
  • Transport facilities
  • Industrial plant

Information Technology

  • Strategic planning
  • Systems development & upgrades
  • Business analysis
  • Infrastructure implementation
  • Security management
  • FMIS & HRMIS Implementation


  • Infrastructure implementation
  • Systems development
  • Operational process improvements
  • Relationship management
  • Marketing
  • Bid management