Business Case

Business Case services – Why you need this service

If you need to create a business case for a significant project, Caravel can help to develop and write it, or we can provide advice. Alternatively, if someone else has written the business case, we can provide an independent review.

Business Case services – What Caravel provides

Caravel has a wealth of experience in developing business cases. We treat the development like a project – planning and allocating tasks, assessing risks and assumptions, and bringing together the wide range of capabilities that may be required. We provide the team of technical, business and financial analysts and writers who will work with your business specialists to create a clear case for your investment. We report on progress against agreed milestones to ensure the business case is developed economically and stays on track.

We can provide ILM facilitation to ensure that the investment proposal is well founded before further effort and cost is expended on the business case. We have been closely involved in the adaptation of the Better Business Case process for the New Zealand public sector, and are well qualified to build business cases to this standard.

Our independent review expertise combines with our business case experience in providing assessments of your business cases. We will review your business case to ensure that it presents a clear, concise description of the proposed investment, including:

  • the reasons why it is needed
  • the benefits that are expected
  • the financial elements (funding, costs, returns)
  • the planned approach to delivery, and
  • the risks and uncertainties involved


Our review considers the clarity of the holistic view of the case (including the executive summary) as well as providing assurance that the case is supported by robust information and analysis.