Investment Logic Mapping

Investment Logic Mapping – Why you need this service

An Investment Logic Map (ILM) helps decide if  a project is worth doing. It ensures that the real problem is understood and describes the benefits that should result if an investment is successful.

Investment Logic Mapping avoids a solution being considered before the problem is really understood.

An Investment Logic Map is prepared before any investment is made. An experienced facilitator leads a series of workshops to build an investment “story” using the knowledge and expertise of key stakeholders.

Investment Logic Mapping is required as part of the NZ Treasury’s Better Business Case process and is valuable for analysing investments of any size. It can also be used to define an opportunity or determine the strategic direction for an organisation.

Investment Logic Mapping – What Caravel provides

Caravel facilitates Investment Logic Mapping (ILM) workshops that identify the problems and describe the benefits that justify an investment.

A Caravel Director is an accredited ILM facilitator who has satisfied the high standards required by the Victorian Government Department of Treasury and Finance.

Our expert facilitation helps build an investment “story” that includes the knowledge and perspectives of all stakeholders.

We facilitate ILMs to justify projects and develop strategic plans for leading government, transport, information technology, defence, education and health sector clients.

Caravel has helped to integrate the ILM methodology into NZ Treasury’s Better Business Case (BBC) process. We specialise in building a strong strategic case to underpin the BBC economic, commercial, financial and management cases.