Project and Programme Management

Project and Programme Management – Why you need this service

Project and programme management is required if you need to create new things or change existing parts of your business. The indicators will be:

  • Strategies that need to be safely planned and delivered
  • Approved projects that need to gain momentum
  • Internal resources are insufficient to manage a change that is not “business as usual”
  • Projects that are underway but are struggling to meet objectives

Project and Programme Management – What Caravel provides

Caravel provides assurance that your project or programme will be professionally managed. We provide experienced personnel, supported by methods and tools. Caravel’s project professionals are practical people who are chosen for their character and personality to fit into your environment. The roles include:

  • Programme Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Coordinator / Scheduler
  • Business Analyst
  • Technical Advisor
  • Communications Advisor
  • Financial Analyst
  • Technical Writer

The activities required to plan and deliver a project or programme are diverse. They include:

  • Leadership
  • Planning
  • Risk & Issue Management
  • Delivery Management
  • Governance Reporting
  • Quality Management
  • Project Controls
  • Financial Management
  • Procurement
  • Commercial Management


Troubled Projects

Troubled projects are those that are at significant risk of not meeting their objectives. This is not just about being on time and on budget. It is also about attitudes, business alignment, political influences, management time being expended, transparency, and many other things that may not be seen in a project management textbook.

Caravel is often called on to recover troubled projects. We have the experience, determination and judgement required to apply project management skills at the right time and place to stabilise a project and put it onto an agreed and planned track.

The way to put a troubled project back on track will be different every time. It requires assessment by an experienced project manager. Although many things may be wrong with the project, it takes judgement to know the best areas to focus on first.

Caravel will help by assessing the cause of the problems, planning a rescue approach, and guiding the project back into a controlled state. This takes a seasoned, confident person who has fixed projects previously. In many cases there are several risk elements and insufficient resources to address them all at once. Careful prioritisation is needed to address the most important items first, then progressively fix others.

Caravel will fix your troubled project using experienced people who have put projects on the straight and narrow many times before. We may use a combination of our services and skills:

Independent Quality Assurance (IQA) to review and understand the shortcomings of the project

Investment Logic Mapping (ILM) and/or Business Case preparation and review to ensure that the rationale for the project and the means of measuring its success are understood.

Project and Programme Management for the fundamentals of project and programme control that are required to underpin recovery and stability of the project.