The Company

Our Origins

Formerly known as TeleTELL Consultants, Caravel Group was founded in 1990 as a specialist project management services company – a focus we have maintained to this day. From the outset, the company has used a mix of staff and associates to deliver the specific skills and experience that are required for our clients and their projects.

With our head office in Wellington, we conduct business throughout New Zealand, and also have a sister company in Australia.


Our Values

At Caravel, we subscribe to a set of shared values which guide the work we do collectively and individually.

Listening to and respecting each other while working together to achieve mutually beneficial results
Being open and honest in all our dealings and maintaining the highest integrity at all times.
Always doing what we say we will and striving for excellence and quality in everything we do.
Work with urgency and commitment to ensure personal and the client’s success
Taking ownership of our clients’ needs and being accountable for delivering friendly & professional service.
Recognising & rewarding each others contributions and efforts.


The Caravel

The caravel was a 15th century Portuguese sailing ship. It was a specialist type of vessel built for long voyages of discovery with the objective of finding new worlds, wealth and trading opportunities.

Two of the ships used by Christopher Columbus in his discovery of America were caravels. Caravels were also used in the exploration of the west coast of Africa as they could navigate the rivers and inlets more successfully than other ships.

The caravel was faster, more manoeuvrable and better suited for this purpose than other vessels of its day. Those who sailed the caravel required courage, conviction and specialist skills.

Our company is just like a caravel. It is a specialist organisation built to meet the project and change management needs of its clients – and in many ways a project is similar to a voyage.

A project begins with the need to meet an objective. It requires courage, conviction, calculated risks and must ultimately lead to the delivery of the end objective to be gauged a success.