Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management – Why you need this service

Caravel can provide portfolio management services if:

  • Your organisation has a number of projects being planned and implemented
  • You want to make sure that your project investments provide the best returns
  • You want to assure visibility of all projects and the delivery of their intended benefits, and
  • You want oversight of budgets, risk management and strategic alignment of  investments, and standardisation of investment procedures, rules and plans.

Portfolio Management – What Caravel provides

Portfolio management requires a special set of skills. It is a senior level function that provides a powerful connection between strategic planning, business operation, and project management. Caravel provides assurance that your portfolio will be created and managed professionally and transparently. Our senior professionals understand how organisations work, and provide linkages between strategic plans, delivery of change, and realisation of benefits. They are able to build and operate prioritisation and decision systems, tracking mechanisms, and reporting systems.

The skillsets and activities required to create, monitor and report on project portfolios include:

  • Strategic planning (coordination)
  • Budget development & monitoring
  • Project / change prioritisation (systems & reporting)
  • Visibility of portfolio (dashboards & facilitation)
  • Operational management liaison
  • Project management liaison
  • Benefits management (systems, operation & reporting)
  • Governance Support
  • Critique and challenge