Business Innovation and Change Management

Business Innovation and Change Management – Why you need this service

If you wish to improve the way your business operates, Caravel can help.

Business innovation helps an organisation identify and grasp an opportunity and use it to create and introduce new ideas, processes, or products.

The main objective of change management is to improve an organisation by changing the ways it operates. This may entail changing processes, systems, organisational structures and/or job roles.

Business improvements may include strategic, cultural, process or organisational changes and may be accompanied by technology change. These changes generally affect your staff and the way they work.

Business Innovation and Change Management – What Caravel provides

Caravel approaches business innovation and change management  initiatives in a similar manner to other projects – they need to be properly initiated, planned, governed and managed. However, the difference from a technical project, for example, is that the subject matter expertise of the project team is more focused on organisation and process design, communication and collaboration, and the psychology and dynamics of individuals and teams when confronted by uncertainty and transformation.

Caravel applies its programme and project management specialist skills to business innovation and change, while ensuring that the project team has the appropriate knowledge, experience and attitude to lead the changes. We keep a focus on the intended benefits and make sure that the changes are embedded sufficiently that the benefits can be measured and assured.